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Most of us tend to associate bullying with school children and teens but you will be surprised to know that bullying happens even in workplaces. Bullying at work is much more common that what most people think. The bully could be your boss or colleague. It is not just men who are bullies but women too can be bullying at work. Most people who are bullied are depressed, anxious and experience panic attacks. This also affects their professional performance. Sometimes it can have very serious consequences and people who have been bullied are known to develop suicidal tendencies too. It can also cause physical injuries at times. Most people who are harassed at work go through hell as they are unable to come to terms that someone can intimidate and dominate them at their workplace.

There is no point in ignoring bullying at work. The harassment will only increase if you try to ignore or avoid it. The entire act of intimidation is actually a mind game that is played at the work place where the dominant individual tries to subdue the meek individual through his/her actions and words. It is always advisable to find a solution to this problem rather than just wishing it away. Learn to deal with bullying at work with a positive frame of mind. Here are some simple tips that will help you break the cycle of intimidation and oppression at your workplace. Visit for more details.

Confidence is the one big attitude that you need to build in your overall personality. Most bullies target people who appear weak and incompetent. If you appear smart and confident, it is most likely that you will not be troubled or intimidated by such people. Seek help from colleagues and your boss. It is most likely that they are aware of the situation and a formal complaint from you along with all the facts will help you get a speedy redressal. After you become aware that you are harassed at your workplace, it would be advisable if you keep a record of specific instances where you have been oppressed. This will help you cite specific instances when you complain to your boss.

Most bullies are actually weak and they derive their strength from the fact that nobody stands up against their intimidating actions. Stand up for yourself or your colleague and this will take the wind out of the sail of bullies. Confront the bully at work and ask them about the problem that prompts them to behave in such a rude way with others. If your colleagues at the workplace are also targets of bullying at work, you can try and support each other and confront the bully. Most organizations have a clear HR policy regarding bullies at the workplace. It is important that you are aware of such policies as no one deserves to be bullied. These are just some of the tips to stop bullying at work and live happily.

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