Day: July 16, 2019

About Deep Cleaning House

It is that time of year again. A new year is upon us and we are filled with good intentions. So, what better time to decide to get your home in shape with a top-to-bottom deep clean? Believe it or not, the decision to get started on a deep clean is often the most difficult part of the whole process. However, the time has arrived. After days or maybe even months of prevarication you have made your decision and it’s time to get started.

So where exactly do you begin this mammoth task?

Well, in the vast majority of cases the first stage in the process should be to tidy up or de-clutter the house – or at the very least the area you intend to tackle initially. There is absolutely no point attempting to deep cleaning house with children’s toys, clothes, books and papers lying around, as this will just make the job doubly difficult and time-consuming meaning you simply won’t see the benefit when you are finished. No matter the temptation, you should also try to avoid taking on too many tasks at once. After all, this is a big job you are planning here, not simply a surface dusting. If you try to do too much in an unrealistic timescale you may end up skimping on certain jobs, which rather defeats the purpose of a deep clean in the first place. If that is the case, you would be better advised to put off some of the tasks until another day when you are feeling up to them, rather than trying to take on too much when your heart is not really in it.

Make a list of your priorities and tackle them in order. Often the kitchen and bathrooms are the main areas in need of attention and to deep clean these areas properly, including cleaning the inside of kitchen cupboards, ovens and the fridge, as well as kitchen and bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling, can be very labour intensive, not to say messy!

However the good news is that once these more difficult, time-consuming jobs are completed, the rest of your cleaning can be done a little more leisurely. One other word of advice – wherever possible, try to get some help, rather than tackling the whole job on your own. Why not enlist the help of the kids or even the man of the house! After all, as the saying goes “many hands make light work”.

And, finally, always remember that if the prospect of deep cleaning your home, with or without help from your family, fills you with dread, or you simply do not have the time or the inclination to tackle the job yourself, there a plenty of reputable, reliable domestic cleaning services out there. A professional domestic cleaning company will be able to take the strain and relieve your housework hassles. A quick look online is all that is required. And just think – with the precious free time this saves you, you could be out enjoying yourself with friends or family, or indulging in some well-deserved retail therapy!

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